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Direct Drive Interlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Direct Drive Interlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Be suitable for PEGASUS 500/600, YAMATO VT 1500, YAMATO VF 2500/2700, SHING LING FW777, BROTHER 842/852, JUKI 3800, JUKI 2280/2284, KANSAI 1400/1404, PEGASUS VC008, SURIBA F007, SURUBA F858, SIRUBA C007, etc.

Product Details

1.Better materials. We choose the most reasonable materials, not bad materials with low prices. Some of our materials are imported from USA, Germany, Japan, etc. Our only purpose is keep the motors be good quality. Of course, good quality motors have brought more and more order.

2.Better software. You know there are software in control board. We have designed many software, as big torque on low speed,  big torque on high speed, etc. So we will supply the most reasonable software according to your machine type and model. It is very very important.

3.Strong technology. We design and produce the control board and motors all by ourselves. So we can produce the special motors according to your requirement.

ModelPowerTorqueVoltage FrequencySpeedApplication
YM-DD-747600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba 737/747/757
YM-DD-700600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 700
YM-DD-800600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 800
YM-DD-6125600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmYamato 6025/6125
YM-DD-6700600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 6714/6700
YM-DD-3300600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 3314/3300
YM-DD-2280/2284750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 2280/2284
YM-DD-988600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba 988
YM-DD-500750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 500/600
YM-DD-EX600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus EX
YM-DD-MX600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus MX
YM-DD-1500750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmYamato 1500
YM-DD-603/777750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmShingling 603/777
YM-DD-F007750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba F007
YM-DD-C007750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba C007
YM-DD-VC008750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba VC008

Product Advantages
1. Good quality and long life

All our motors guarantee is 3 years, and life is more than 8 years. Choose better materials and more reasonable software.

2. Save energy
Compared with clutch motor, our servo motor can save 60%~80% energy. Running and stopping with sewing machine at the same time. Do not waste energy when sewing machine stops, save more cost.

3. No maintenance and better performance
Servo motor can directly drive sewing machine. No carbon brush in motor. No need to replace any parts in all life. Big torque when running on low speed.

4. Wide speed setting
Starting speed could be adjusted, and maximal speed can be adjusted, speed changes 100rpm after each press button. Easy to operate.

5. Working Models Setting
Adjust working model according to requirements, fit for different kinds of sewing machines. 

6. Low noise and no interference
The noise, vibration and interference to other equipments are less than clutch motor, make workshop be more secure. Low heat dissipation, reduce temperature of workshop, make working be more comfortable.

7. Needle position function
Control needle be on top/bottom position when stopping, make operation be easier, and improve 30%~50% working efficiency.

Why choose us?
1More than 8 years experiece in Drives Manufacturing: the complete industry chain: in strong R&D team, the perfect system of feight of forwarding, and the first-class pre-sale service in any problem in operating PLC and converter.
2. Customization Production: size, model, package can be pre customer's request.
3Realizable quality: professional design team, strict QC system and strong transportation cooperation.
4First-class Pre and after service: we ensuer the well processing of the pracitce of our products for customers

As one of the reliable direct drive interlock sewing machine servo motor manufacturers and suppliers in China, YUMA can provide you with high-quality products at low price. Now take action to contact us and get the best OEM direct drive interlock sewing machine servo motor with our factory.

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