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Considerations For Sewing Machine

1, come on
Refueling is refueling from the refueling hole up to the red dot of oil window
Note: for sewing machine for the first time, or when not used for a long time running, should be in pole position to add two or three drops of oil
Part 2, hook oil
From the oil hole oil inject industrial sewing machine oil, oil can be added to the reticle position. Oil it around at the same time in the same way, refueling time tick is not easy to see on the right, turn off the pressure and makes the bottom line cutting machine Groove like move arrow to confirm.
Note: when the oil surface down to tick, operation will be aborted, should inject an appropriate quantity of oil at this time, and regularly check the hook part of the refueling.
3, adjust the hook part of the oil amount
The hook part of the automatic lubrication, using the hook part of the screw to adjust the oil, turn oil would decrease to the left will increase the amount of oil. Most appropriate oil is from hook to leave 1cm, block with a piece of paper, the sewing machine operation for 10 seconds, on the shuttle where bile tip height, oil will spatter on the paper.
Adjustment of 4 elastic, stitching contraction: when adjusting the strength of the contractions of the left needle and elastic, unscrew the screw and rotating parts. When turning to the right increases, when you turn to the left decreases. Also when I adjust the right needle and thread the elastic strength, loose screws, and then adjust according to rotating parts.
Stroke adjustment: loosen the screws and rotating parts to adjust the stroke.
5, the position before and after adjustment of the needle bar shake
Unscrew screws left PIN at the center of alignment pin on the needle plate, adjust the position before and after fixed. When should dismantle the pocket flap on the left side after the sensor adjustment. 6, the adjustment of the needle bar height
Needle bar height adjustment: Rotary needle bar fixing screws, needle bar down to bottom dead point, dismantle the trimming machine heads parts rubber mat at the end of, and then make adjustments.
The relationship between needle and the hook
Adjust the time 1, the needle and the hook
Remove the needle plate needle rising from the dead 3.1mm, bile tip and the needle center around the shuttle. The needle side gap hook and needle guard should be 0~0.05mm, bile pointed needle side and shuttle clearance for 0~0.05mm, pinholes and spindle gall pointed at the top of the distance should be 0.8mm
2, hook timing adjustment
Unscrew the hook 3 pinion on the shaft of the screw, turn the hook, wait until the needle centers and woven bile tip line, tighten the fixing screws. At this point, in order to prevent the hook shaft bounce, the hook should be under pressure and pull the pinion, making it closer to and then tighten the screws.
3, needle and shuttle bile tip clearance adjustment
Remove the needle plate, back of sewing machine, loosen adjustment on one side of the hook shaft screws, tapping the hook shaft, move the needle and shuttle bile tip clearance is adjusted to 0~0.05mm, the process is completed, tighten the fixing screws.
Note: the fixing screw is for fixing the shaft tube, spin it too tightly, shaft rotation crown wheel will rise, so don't screw too tightly.
4, open the adjustment
Turn the balance wheel toward the provisions until fall shuttle bile towards the direction of the arrow when you reach the end, bile guide shuttle and shuttle between the projecting parts of the shell to 0.2~0.3mm (turning the bobbin toward the arrows, press and hands), Shuttle within the loose awakened by bile guide screws to adjust.

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