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Do You Know Why Your Sewing Machine Motor Energy Consumption? Answers Are Here

Motor is an important part of industrial sewing machines, with the progress of science and technology and development trend of energy-saving motor, in practical application, improper use of electrical energy consumption and our great relationship, mainly manifested in the following aspects:
Choose the wrong motor load rating
Too much wealth or production changes, making the actual workload of the motor is much smaller than the rated load of the motor, operating efficiency is too low.
Second, supply voltage asymmetry or voltage is too low
Due to the power supply system of three-phase four-wire low voltage single phase load unbalanced motor single-phase voltage asymmetry, negative sequence torque motor, increasing losses in the motor. Low power voltage, makes the work of large motor current, thereby increasing losses, more asymmetrical three-phase voltage, greater loss.
Third, old, old (eliminated)-motor still in use
These motors use class e insulation, bulky, poor startup performance, and low efficiency. While integrated simple motor promotion for many years, but there are still many parts of old, old (eliminated) the motor is still in use.
Four maintenance is poor
Some units on the machine and the device is not in accordance with the requirements for maintenance, let it run for a long time, makes the loss increases.
Thus, reducing the energy consumption of the motor must buy, use, management, maintenance and other aspects, including the proper use, choosing the right motor, pay attention to regular maintenance.

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