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Sewing Machine Maintenance And Operation

If irregularities are found in the working process of sewing machine should be immediately shut down, tell the mechanic to find out the cause, adjusting or repairing, troubleshooting, in spite of running is strictly prohibited, and banning pieces. Need when you leave the machine, please shut down. The machine is not used for a long time, should first be cleaned, coated with protective oils, properly integrated lubrication at least once half a year, and for short time operation.
Level three months maintenance every six months for a second-stage maintenance.
First, getting ready for a used sewing machine:
1, first wipe clean every part of the machine and examination part fastening parts loose.
2, check whether the oil l smooth lubrication lubrication requirements.
3, check whether the moving parts have barriers, protective device has any intact.
4, check between presser foot and the needle, presser foot between the feed dog and whether there is a reasonable position.
5, more than ready to sign-out. You can access the power, lift the presser foot, open drive, and check whether the nose wheel direction is correct, if it is not correct you should adjust their relative.
Second, the sewing machine operation:
These preparations, working under the guidance of the mechanic, after the completion of sewing operations.
1, pay attention to the correct position:
2, pay attention to the foot control motor step plate and the presser foot.
3, pay attention to the correct way to install the bobbin.
4, pay attention to the correct thread, needle, your needle, needle operation.
5, attention to feed, splice operation.
6, pay attention to turning operations.
7, pay attention to the correct way around the bottom line.
8, beginners do not at high speeds.
Third, sewing machine adjustment:
1, adjust the presser foot height position
2, adjust the spacing between the presser foot and needle.
3, adjust the presser foot feed dog position.
4, adjust the needle bar position 5, adjust the size of PIN codes.
6, adjusted the elasticity of the thread take-up spring.

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