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Sewing Machine Maintenance Method For Fault Detection

Exclude sewing machine common fault, there are five practical methods, namely: reference refer to the method, control method, sequential check method, isolation, analysis and experience debugging method.
See for reference method
With this type of equipment-related technical service manual, manuals, parts, samples and packing slips and product publicity with a certain amount of proofs and certificates reference see value, makes people prone to avoid detours and cover maintenance work negligence action guide and the dual role of memory.
Comparison method
Has resulted in a failure of the equipment compared with the normal use of the device, and then by comparing the corresponding parts of the geometry and the position of the technical parameters to identify noise, heavy, is not in place or malfunction cause of fault.
Sequence check method
From the abnormal operation of the parts Assembly connection check one by one in the order, eventually came down out of the real reasons for the failures. As the degree of mechanical complexity is increasing, this repair method will seem rather cumbersome, so only if both of the above conditions is met only when forced to.
Segregation analysis method
Work equipment by function in the system category, off one by one, with each isolation methods to analyze as soon as possible the noise movement, heavy or dead, and generates the real reason.
Step by step debugging method
Dang both not has see, and control, conditions, and temporarily not familiar equipment based knowledge, cannot fail to repair also cannot take so at of Shi, can in full thinking analysis Hou through replaced a a parts, or change a can in not damaged situation Xia recovery undisturbed of parts of geometry shape, then through change some parts of relative location relationship (two or three dimension space in the of axis to, and radial size relationship) to for attempts to, if success is seriously lessons learned; not success must will its immediately recovery to original state (that original parts, The original geometry, original dimensions), before they can proceed, until the goal is reached. All this must be carried out manually after a power failure conditions and steadily, and not jump the gun, so as to avoid losses.

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