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Sewing Machine Operation Sound A Bit Strange? Experienced Master Craftsman Said That,

In everyday life we often see a doctor with a stethoscope in patients, holding a hammer hitting the rails of the railway workers to determine whether the track is faulty, in fact in the process of maintenance of sewing machines, experienced maintenance technicians sometimes by debate heard a noise you can roughly determine fault may occur, and "right", to improve maintenance efficiency.
Experienced maintenance professionals that, following several voices often encountered in the maintenance.
This sound occurs when sending buyA interfaces with the needle plate parts presser foot and needle bar at the intersection, intersection or take-up lever face plate, as follows: when the wheel rotates once, they sent one or two clash as hammers striking metal.
The problems common to the frame and rocker ball joints, sound referred to here, is due to poor surface finish of parts, or two parts fit is too tight, or because of lack of oil, between the two parts is not normal lubrication issue ", and" sound of dry grinding.
The vocal majority is caused by lack of lubricating oil for sewing machine, its sound is no law sounds of sewing machines is about to loose. In addition, the disrepair of the sewing machine, this sound will be issued, if this is the case, add oil alone did not help.
This sound is caused by the sewing machine in operation is not smooth, usually sound, sound changes with the speed at which, when in use, head and the platen, rack and the ground have jitter or obvious beat.
Most of this was caused by blind adjustment screw, because each match has some standards, if a part is tight, and some parts of its functioning is more laborious, so will be issued a "THUMP THUMP" sound dull.

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