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Standard Computer Sewing Machine With Thread Trimmer Timing Adjustment Problem

Standard computer sewing machine for trimming, while the earlier threads too short, adjustable knife stuck late will not return, and the parking is not in place (using a heavy line?) list of expert speakers.
(1) the secant cam position adjustment.
Turned machine of belt round, dang needle rod from minimum location rose 5 mm Shi, with hand pressure secant spiral tube, makes wheel axis contact secant cam of concave Department, then with positioning screws temporary twist tight, then put secant spiral tube returns to original of location (left location), while spin pine positioning screws, regulation secant cam, makes cam end surface and wheel axis end surface Zhijian of clearance for 0.5 mm.
(2) knives, fixed position adjustment.
When the secant head more than the secant of the cam lever cam, Fixed Blade front and mesh 0.2~0.5 mm from edge of the knife. If you do not mesh, roller shaft more than moving secant with secant cam lever, make fixed blade front end and knife blades that mesh, and then tighten the screws.

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