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Status Quo Of Sewing Machines And Spare Parts

Clothing machine type, model, size dime on the whole is divided into: joints, seams and seam before. Clothing is from the actual situation of the enterprise and practical point of view, selected from many similar clothing and equipment manufacturer well-known high cost performance equipment to meet the needs of your business.
Daily need to buy spare parts are mainly concentrated in the garment enterprises easily lost, damage, wear and tear, as well as some housing parts. Because often to purchase, replace these parts, so I hope its good quality and durable in order to reduce the frequency of acquisition and replacement. Now there are many clothing factory equipment is imported, once those fragile parts damage, purchase of original spare parts and expensive, it's difficult to get even, so there is always someone trying to find a cheap alternative to fill the gap, and imitation is very popular. Unfortunately, bought on the market of those products at much lower prices, but not too easy, takes a lot of time and energy in grinding reconstruction can be used. If no expert, so it is difficult to determine the authenticity of his parts.
As clothing companies using inferior parts affects the accuracy of other parts, shortens the service life of equipment as a whole, extremely cost-effective in the long run. In order to avoid this phenomenon continues to spread more popular approach is the production enterprises, the use of a few core parts imported or quality of spare parts, other non-critical spare parts made good in parts, they are more affordable, customers willing to buy. But would like to stress is that OEM for those prone to wear and tear, loss, breakable parts should also be regarded as important parts of good quality, for ease of use and maintenance, such as the presser foot, needle plate, send buyA, needle, needle etc.
Now, many manufacturers are based on market demand to produce good products, but each manufacturer from the machine's design and production, spare parts matching is not a mandatory standard, often in order to seize the market, carrots mud out faster. We sincerely hope that the industry would have unified standards for the machine and spare parts production it would have been better.

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