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The Principle Of Electric Sewing Machine

One or more sewing thread for sewing machine is, in material form on one or more stitches, to one or more layers of material interlaced, or sewing machine. Sewing machine sewing cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon fabrics and leathers, plastics, paper and other products, sewing stitch trim, neat and firm, sewing speed and ease of use.
In 1790, United Kingdom Thomas invented the sewing of footwear with single thread chain stitch hand crank sewing machine, this sewing machine is a wooden body, metallic materials for parts manufacture, it is the world's first sewing machine.
1841, France of dimoniai design and manufacturing has practical of double line chain type line track sewing machine; 1846, United States of Howe made curve lock type line track sewing machine patent, sewing speed for 300 needle/points, efficiency over five name manual operation of sewing Division; 1851, United States mechanical workers wins home independent design and manufacturing out wins home sewing machine, sewing speed for 600 needle/points, and Yu 1853 made United States patent. Since then, the sewing machine went on a used in production, and gradually increase the nail button, lock button hole, reinforcement, embroidery, and other functions.
1975 United States invented a micro-computer control of household sewing machines. Professional development broader industrial sewing machine, sewing speed and higher, such as sewing machines have reached 10,000 stitches/min. In 1979, the sewing machine in the world total output reached 15885000 units, of which China produced 5870000, sewing-machine yield the highest country in the world.
Classification of sewing machines a lot, generally distinguished by stitch and use. Sewing machine stitching can be summarized as the lock stitch and chain stitch two categories. Lock stitch is most common, it is formed by two stitches, intertwine like a laid up, its interweaving in the middle of sewing material. From a cross-section of the stitches, two stitches as well as two locks lock, called the lock stitch. This stitch used in the shrinkage of cotton, wool or leather material, positive and negative shape, like a dotted line. Distribution density stitch, sewing of stretch more than hand sewing.
Chain stitch is the suture loops connected or interconnected, commonly used are single chain, double chain and wire stitching. This stitch is elastic stitch, scale along with the material without break thread, applicable to lines of elastic fabric clothes or sewing easy to loose products and the slab.
General sewing machine consists of machine head, motor, transmission and parts of annex IV.
Head is a major part of sewing machines. It consists of spines, hooks wire, take-up and feed the four agencies and winding, press material, falls and other auxiliary bodies, the body movements to reasonably cooperate with circular, stitch sewing material.
Base plate and chassis divided into two forms. Plate frame, plays a supporting role of head table, sewing operations as a Workbench. Plates come in a variety of shapes and have a fight or fold Tibetan, cabinets, desk type, and so on. -Chassis frame chassis plays a role of head support and storage, sewing machine is easy to carry and storage.
Sewing machine drive by machine, hand or electric motors and other parts. Rack is the pillar of the machine, bearing plate and foot pedal. Use the operator when you step on the foot pedal, through rotation of the crank drive pulley and belt drive head to rotate. Most hand or motor mounted directly on the head.
Sewing machine accessories include machine needle, bobbin, axe, oil pots, etc.

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