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The Selection Of Sewing Machines

(1) selection to see whether head light, there is no paint and scratches, needle plate, sliding boards, panels, wheel plating layer is intact; plate is straight, paint and if there are cracks or the local color rack is broken, paint, twisted; axle shaft, needle bar gap on compliance with the standard requirements.
(2) remove the belts, foot, gently turning wheel, are working well, the needle is in the center of the needle plate hole lifting.
(3) when sound is soft.
(4) when you try to step on, sew, try using two thin layers of cloth sewn, check the pins for smooth and even. Then try again with the original seam, stitch length can be 3.6mm, sound does not walk or abnormal phenomenon of seamless. More specific testing should have sewing machine repair preservation workers present.

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