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Tips For Sewing Machine Use

Sewing machine in use, much of the fault on the work surface can be simply resolved, rather than ask the mechanic to a major overhaul such as dip switches, or even just replacing a needle, such as work you can avoid long lay-off caused by teardown and Wolf at the face-down. The following lists some of the sewing process is often the minor troubles and removing methods, for your reference.
1, making a sudden stop, power light is on, but hand-wheel heavy and sluggish state.
Possible reasons (hereinafter "cause"): sewing machine work at low speeds for a long time; the machine overheating may result in motor power automatically turns off.
Solutions (hereinafter "solve"): turn off the power and wait for 20 minutes, the safety device will restart and sewing machine is ready to start work.
2, do not pin
Reason: thread runs out; the presser foot does not put down; spindle spool of thread is not in the correct position.
Solution: replace empty spools of thread, re-recognition pin; down presser foot; shuttle bobbin back and to the left; lower the buttonhole lever.
3, sewing machine
Reason: does not match the presser foot or presser foot needle clash; machine needle broke off and into crochet.
Solution: replace the presser foot and remove the needle and install the new needle.
4, line break
Reason: improper line; line knot; thread tension excessive needle bent, blunt or trachoma; needle size is not; needles placed inappropriate; sewing mismatch; sewing speed too fast; thread not pick thread.
Address: normal again launched; remove knot lines; adjust the cord grip pressure, replace needle; replace the appropriate size needle; proper placement of needles; change or change PIN; started sewing at a moderate speed; check the online steps.
5, line break
Reason: the bobbin has not been fully inserted into the bobbin; bobbin wire winding; the bobbin in the bobbin case to seize up; yarn on a bobbin or shuttle.
Solution: carefully place the bobbin into the bobbin case; finishing the bobbin out; check the bobbin can be damaged; cleaned the bobbin case and the bobbin.
6, jumper
Reason: thread tension excessive needle bent or blunt; Needle sizes wrong; sewing mismatch; line without through take-up lever; the presser foot pressure is not enough; improper needle placement.
Solution: adjust the thread tension, replace needle, select appropriate size needle; replacing needle or thread; check threaded step increase presser foot pressure back on needle.
7, the stitch is not required
Cause: cable not fully pull sensor thread wrong side; bobbin case out error spool Cap size mismatch.
Address: wire fully into the sensor threaded correctly; correct bobbin case out; use spool Cap size.
8, line confusion
Reason: the needle size is not; on-line step error clip relaxation; yanked the fabric due to not enough presser foot or complete relaxation; bobbin shape.
Solution: select the needle for thread and fabric; a new machine online; tighten cord grip; not strong pull fabric gently feed; tightening or replacing the presser foot; rewound the bobbin.
9, fabric wrinkle
Reason: for specific fabric pins too large; tip passivation; thread tension is not appropriate; enough leg muscles road; the fabric too thin; the use of thread and bobbin diameter or material differences.
Address: pins down, replace needle, adjust thread tension increase the presser foot pressure using thin backing paper; noodles, bottom line using the same with wire diameters.
10, strand
Causes: facial line and the bottom line without a presser foot; feed dog down
Address: line the bottom line at the same time pressure on the presser foot; lift feed dog
11, broken needles
Reason: fine-needle sewing thick material needle is not fully installed; pin fastening screws loose; foot unsuitable; loose presser foot.
Solution: for proper needle; reinstall needle and tighten the fixation screws selected presser foot applies; reload the presser foot.
12, excessive noise, clop sound card, the machine dead
Reason: the debris filled feed dog; shuttle tip yarn string shuttle.
Solution: clean the machine; disassemble and clean the shuttle.
13, the machine does not feed
Reason: set the stitch length 0; the presser foot is too lax; feed dog position is too low; fabric off the knots.
Solution: reset the appropriate PIN mode and length; adjust the presser foot pressure to "normal"; raise feed teeth start double lines below the presser foot before sewing.
14, for the needle thread; Threading doesn't work; Threading hook could not get the needle
Reason: the needle is not in the highest positions; machines needle needle does not recognize self protection PIN is not fully in place.
Solution: rotate the handwheel until the needle reaches the highest positions; fully inserted into needle.
15, threading is not in place, sewing machines stop Threading hook stuck needle
Reason: thread hooks are in the eye of the needle in the sewing machine motion.
Address: micro-hand wheel clockwise and remove the hook-and-line

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