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Belt Drive Overlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Belt Drive Overlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Details: Model: JM9140-C Voltage: 220V,110V Power: 400W Torque: 3Nm Speed: 0-5000rpm Pulley size: 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, etc. Frequency: 50/60Hz Condition: New Certification: CE, CCC, ISO9001, etc.

Product Details

ModelPowerTorqueVoltage FrequencySpeedApplication
JM9140-C400W3Nm220/110V50/60Hz0-5000rpmLight duty machines
JM9155-C550W4Nm220/110V50/60Hz0-5000rpmLight and medium duty machines
JM9160-C600W5Nm220/110V50/60Hz0-5000rpmMedium and heavy duty machines
JM9180-C800W8Nm220/110V50/60Hz0-3500rpmHeavy and extra-heavy duty machines
JM9150-C,12V500W4Nm12V0-4500rpmLight and medium duty machines


Save 60%-80% energy, the best motors to replace the 250W, 400W clutch motors.

Good quality, all our motors guarantee is 3 years. We choose better materials and better software in PCB.

Brushless design, no need to change any parts on whole life.

Long life, more than 8 years.

Have needle position after installing synchronizer on motor. Improve 30%~50% working efficiency.

Adjust running direction.

Low noise, low vibration, low heat radiation.

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