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Direct Drive Overlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Direct Drive Overlock Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Be suitable for Siruba 737/747/757, Pegasus 700, Pegasus 800, Juki 6714/6700, Juki 3314/3300, Pegasus EX, Pegasus MX, Siruba 988, Yamato 6025/6125, Jack 768, Kingtex 8000/9000, Shunfa 958, JACK 799, etc.

Product Details

We are a professional sewing servo motors manufacturer, one of the biggest sewing motors OEM service suppliers in China. We are able to design and produce special motors according to customers' requirements.

Good quality and long life. All our motors guarantee is 3 years, and life is more than 8 years. Choose better materials and more reasonable software.

ModelPowerTorqueVoltage FrequencySpeedApplication
YM-DD-747600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba 737/747/757
YM-DD-700600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 700
YM-DD-800600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 800
YM-DD-6125600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmYamato 6025/6125
YM-DD-6700600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 6714/6700
YM-DD-3300600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 3314/3300
YM-DD-2280/2284750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmJuki 2280/2284
YM-DD-988600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba 988
YM-DD-500750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus 500/600
YM-DD-EX600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus EX
YM-DD-MX600W5Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmPegasus MX
YM-DD-1500750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmYamato 1500
YM-DD-603/777750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmShingling 603/777
YM-DD-F007750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba F007
YM-DD-C007750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba C007
YM-DD-VC008750W7Nm220V/110V50/60Hz0-6500rpmSiruba VC008

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